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    Mallorca Venue Finder

    Mallorca Venue Finder is dedicated to sourcing the perfect venue or location for your next event or shoot. Whether you are planning your dream wedding or celebration, corporate meeting, golf, cycling, sailing or spa trip or scouting for that all important location, we are here to assist you in the search and planning.

    Over 15 years experience in various areas of television production and event management, which includes the organization of weddings, parties, corporate events, research and coordination of shoots, editing and producing.

    We have accumulated the knowledge and experience to make your event or shoot a unique and successful one.


    The Island of Mallorca (Spain)

    Mallorca is the largest of the small cluster of islands that make up the Balearics.

    It offers sunshine throughout most of the year. Its clear blue skies and calm turquoise sea are perfect conditions to hold your dream wedding, golf trip or film shoot.

    The stunning variety of Mallorca’s scenery and inspiring beauty together with its modern infrastructure and luxurious venues make Mallorca a popular holiday destination and shoot location.

    Mallorca is a mixture of landscapes; it is home to long sandy beaches, romantic coves, dramatic cliffs and a capital city (Palma) with a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Its natural settings and tranquility make Mallorca an unforgettable experience for everyone.

    Mallorca is only a 2 hour flight from most airports in Europe, making the island easily and economically accessible. Most of the low cost airlines operate daily flights to Mallorca's airport which is only 5 miles from the capital Palma.

    The official languages spoken throughout Mallorca are Catalan and Spanish.


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